Record a complete conference.

Broadcast Live via the web.

Distribute CD/DVD copies.



What is Mediasite
Mediasite is a powerful  rich - content recording equipment. At a single touch, it automatically records your live presentations – presenter, PowerPoint slides, video – all synchronised.
Mediasite automatically webcasts you and your materials over the internet, where people can watch in real time or later on demand through any web browser. Only Mediasite lets you create affordable, multimedia webcasts and gives you the tools to easily manage those presentations.

How it works
You present as always, while the Mediasite Recorder synchronizes what you say with your visual aids and instantly streams them both over the internet.
Others view your multimedia presentation through the Mediasite Viewer using any standard web browser. They can watch at their convenience, either live or on demand. And you can interact with them through polls and Q&A.


Mediasite provides synchronised content recordings of:
      Conference presentations
      Meetings and seminars
      Training courses
      Distance learning programmes

      Synchronised recording  in real time
      Cooperates with AV equipment already in use at the conference - cameras, sound system
      Immediate Publising on CD/DVD
      Viewable on all major web browsers

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