New Autodome PTZ Cameras

High-performance PTZ cameras

Image control and quality are integral aspects of any PTZ dome system, and the AutoDome delivers. The 300 Series is available with a choice of 18x, 26x, or an industryleading 36x optical zoom lens, and all 300 Series systems offer a full 12x digital zoom. The 18x and 26x cameras provide 470 TVL (NTSC) or 480 TVL (PAL), and the 36x camera provides a full 540 TVL of horizontal resolution for outstanding clarity and image detail. The 36x camera also incorporates technology that dramatically improves the dynamic range by 128 times. Also known as WDR (widedynamic range), it results in clear image reproduction in extreme high-contrast environments.

The AutoScaling (proportional zoom) and AutoPivot (automatically rotates and flips the camera) features ensure optimal control. Day/night capabilities and outstanding sensitivity make 300 Series cameras exceptional performers in all lighting conditions. In low light, these cameras automatically switch from color to monochrome by removing the IR filter to boost infrared illumination sensitivity, while maintaining superior image quality. For operation in the darkest conditions, the SensUp control feature automatically extends the shutter speed to as much as one second. This increases sensitivity by more than 50 times.

With super-quick, 360° per-second pan and tilt speeds, the AutoDome 300 Series outperforms other domes in its class. The 300 Series supports 99 pre-positions and two styles of guard tours: preset and record/playback. The preset tour can handle up to 99 pre-positions with a configurable dwell time between pre-positions; the order and frequency with which each preset is visited can be customized. The AutoDome 300 Series also provides support for two recorded tours, which have a combined duration of 15 minutes of movement. These are recorded macros of an operator’s movements, including pan, tilt, and zoom activities, and can be played back continuously.



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